CrowMartin, PLLC Privacy Policy

CrowMartin, PLLC, in the course of its regular business may collect information from clients and parties to closings, such as names, financial information, social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

Why we collect your information:

We collect information in order to prepare for closings, to properly handle client matters, and also due to our office’s record keeping policies for a period of ten years. This is to enable our firm to ensure that each closing and matter is handled properly, and also as a service to our clients and parties to closings.

How we will use your information:

CrowMartin, PLLC may use your information for its own personal future contact purposes, to prepare documentation necessary to close real estate transactions or necessary for settlement, and/or for feedback purposes.

What will we not do with your information:

At no point will CrowMartin, PLLC ever sell information that is provided to us, provide your personal information to third parties not a party to the closing or necessary to settlement, send you SPAM or otherwise act maliciously.

Should you have any questions about the data we collect or our Privacy Policy in general, please contact us at our office number below.